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Friendly URLs for your Facebook Profile and Fan Page

How many times have you seen a long, complex, unintelligible URL and thought, “Well, how will I remember that”? Even if you have the URL written on a piece of paper, chances are you will make a typo while entering it. These messy fragments have been deemed “dirty URLs” and have very ...Read More

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How to Feed a Blog into Facebook

 Below are the few steps needed to link your blog to your Facebook page.

1. Log into your personal Facebook.

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How to Create a Custom E-Blast

In this post I am going to outline the steps involved in the creation of a superior custom e-blast. There are tools out there that allow you to select templates; however, we do not use nor recommend this at Pristine.

1. Design – The first step is the design process. This is where the ...Read More

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What is a Facebook Share button and how do I add it to my website/blog?

A Facebook share button will allow readers of your site to post a link to that page on their wall. If you have a blog you can add a Facebook Share button to each blog post and allow your readers to post the link to your post on the their wall. A neat feature of the Facebook Share button is that ...Read More

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How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress Blog

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